Bluebell Earrings and Where to See Bluebells in Gloucestershire

The Inspiration My Bluebell Earrings

I was meant to hibernate. I spend most of the winter tired and constantly hungry, wanting to curl up and never leave the house.

I think this is why I begin to feel alive and more creative as springtime arrives. The woods I walk in have been bare and mostly muddy underfoot. I have been watching shoots of greenery appear from the ground and buds begin to form on trees. I know Spring is on its way and it won’t be long until the most glorious time of the year. 

I remember the first time I saw a carpet of bluebells in the woodland I walk the dogs in. I hadn’t walked that way during the school holidays but I was back to my usual walking spot on the first day of term.

As I was walking up the hill towards the main part of the woods the smell hit me first. Intense floral scents floated through the trees towards me and I began to see all that green foliage I had been watching grow for the past few months were bluebells! There were a few either side of the pathway, but more and more appeared the further I walked. My steps quickened as I looked up ahead at the bluish purple haze through the trees.

I rounded the bend and my jaw dropped. Literally thousands upon thousands of bluebells formed a carpet all throughout the woods. It was a full frontal assault of the senses. The scent engulfed me, the orchestra of birds were singing in my ears and the colour was mesmerising. 

I walked through the winding path in awe. The landscape was utterly transformed from just a few weeks before. Bluebells can be found in bloom sometime between the middle and end of April but only for a few weeks! 

The photos of bluebells really do not do them justice, they are even more impressive in real life so I highly recommend visiting a bluebell carpet in person if you can. I will give my recommendations of where to see Bluebells in Gloucestershire later on in this post.


Handmade Bluebell Earrings

I made these bluebell earrings by hand as a homage to a time I was truly awe inspired. The flower and leaves are made using beads which I thread on to little silver wires.

The leaves and flower stalk are hooked onto a jump ring so they can move about.

Bluebell Earrings


The Perfect Gift for Nature Lovers

Maybe you are the nature lover, or someone else - either way, these bluebell earrings are the perfect gift for nature lovers.

Even though bluebells only bloom for a few weeks, with bluebell earrings you can have the joy of them all year round.


Materials I Used to Make These Bluebell Earrings

The Bluebell Earrings are made from a few different materials. The studs, butterfly backs and pin wires that the beads are threaded on are made from Sterling Silver. The green beads are made from glass and the bluebell is made from acrylic. 


Where to see the bluebells in Gloucestershire

My favourite place:

Huntley Woods, behind Leaf Creative Garden Centre

Other great places to see the bluebells in Gloucestershire

In no particular order, here are my favourite places to see the bluebells in bloom in Gloucestershire:

  • Westonbirt Arboretum
  • Cam Peak near Dursely
  • Lassington Woods, Highnam
  • Highnam Woods, RSPB Nature Reserve
  • Soudley Ponds, Forest of Dean
  • Frith Wood Nature Reserve, Stroud
  • Dover’s Hill, Chipping Campden
  • Robinswood Hill Country Park
  • Woodchester Mansion Park, Stonehouse


Thanks for reading, I hope you get to see a beautiful carpet of Bluebells soon!

Leave a comment if you have any other great bluebell locations in Gloucestershire!


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