Midwinter Hollow News, New Products & Info

  • The Evolution of Midwinter Hollow: My Happy Place

    'Tis the season for change. In this blog I talk about a new direction for Midwinter Hollow and what the future may hold!
  • Pride Month: The Charities I Support

      Its definitely time for another blog post - this is the third one this year I’m on a roll!! A blog post 3 months in a row is a record for me. Th...
  • The Organica Collection, Recycled Silver Jewellery

    I am so excited to finally introduce my first cohesive collection of jewellery. It has been a forever and a day in the making, starting with a few ...
  • Bluebell Earrings and Where to See Bluebells in Gloucestershire

    Here I talk about the inspiration behind my latest creation of Bluebell Earrings and recommend some places to see the bluebells in bloom in Gloucestershire
  • The Best Materials for your Body Piercing

    We provide jewellery in all different shapes, sizes and designs – but one thing that is extremely important to us is making sure you don’t get a piece of jewellery which can cause you problems down the line.  Read on to find out about the different types of materials available for making jewellery.
  • Here's what you need to know about tragus piercings

    If you are wondering if you should have your tragus pierced, or you are looking for a new piece of jewellery for your tragus, keep reading for some tips around the piercing process, the types of jewellery available and some inspiration on your next jewellery purchase. 
  • Turquoise - The Gemstone and the Colour

    Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone and an extremely versatile colour which has been well loved for thousands of years. In this blog I discuss this timeless classic and showcase some lovely turquoise products including cartilage earrings, huggie hoops, industrial barbells and nose rings.
  • Meet the Maker behind Midwinter Hollow

    I have been hiding for far too long. Hello! I'm Michelle, nice to meet you! I am half goth, half colour lover. I refer to myself as a rainbow goth...